Mission and Vision

The Mission

We are others-focused! Everything we do is geared toward connecting with those who are far from God and helping them become followers of Jesus Christ!  The heartbeat of Refuge City Church is to see lives changed by the power of God’s Spirit. We believe that every person has a God-given purpose inside of them. When God’s Spirit moves on us, we move closer to God’s Plan for our lives. 

The Mission



The Vision

The vision of Refuge City Church is to create a community of authentic believers and to witness a city transformed by the life-changing reality of the gospel as people come to know Jesus.

Love Together – Grow Together – Go Together

We go together!

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Equipping the Church

We realized that pastors, staff members, and volunteer leaders sometimes feel inspired but ineffective. We wanted to change that. Our annual Vision Conference, held in January, exists to equip and empower church leaders with practical tools to get the mission of Jesus Christ in motion. Our goal is to share resources, ideas, methods, systems, and processes that build healthy teams and grow healthy churches which in fact will reach the world.


For the Mission